Google offices raided by police after arguments over technical issue turns violent.

“Should we consult the language specs or do we need a new HDMI cable?”

Google’s Pyrmont offices were forcibly shut down by a police raid late last night after a Golang meetup descended into violence following an argument over whether a technical malfunction was a hardware or software failure.

Initially over 20 attendees were subdued and arrested at the scene by NSW tactical response teams before the offices could be re-opened and the event could continue.

By all reports tensions had been brewing steadily throughout the evening as a section of attendees consistently contradicted presenters claims regarding GraphQL’s efficiency for declarative data fetching.

In statements later made to police, eyewitnesses claimed that there had been “repeated calls from some members to consult the language specifications to determine who was technically correct”.

However, tensions quickly boiled over after an attempt was made to switch on the projectors and present a demo was only met with an error screen. The vocal minority, convinced there was a software issue that required consulting the language specs, stormed the stage in an attempted coup d’état against Google tech support.

The ensuing fray left one eye witness stunned, “I guess you expect that kind of behaviour at a Bing event but not a Google one”.

After police subdued the initial incident and a replacement HDMI cable was found the presentation reconvened. However, the presentation demo failed to execute, at which point the whole building was cleared by police.

All involved parties were served with court dates but released on bail as they had no prior convictions.