University Usability Report

  1. Select a university’s website from the list provided.
  2. Find one user close to you and ask them to answer all questions without leaving the university website that is being tested and without using the web site’s internal search feature.
  • Give them seven seconds to get a first impression of the website. Ask them to give you a small phrase or a group of adjectives
  • Ask them what they think about the navigation of the site
  • Ask them to find:

  • Think about which text labels are important, and which text should be replaced with phony text (google: loren ipsum). — another way to represent text without writing it out is to use lines
  • Think about which visual elements need to be there and which don’t (logos, icons, maps, buttons)in order to communicate the idea efficiently
High-Fidelity screen of the Emove app

  • A log-in screen
  • An itinerary screen
Screens provided

  • Customers lose their cards.
  • Some shops don’t allow cards.
  • Cards might get damage.

Wireframe — Solution

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