3 Quick Online Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash

The internet has changed a lot of things, both for ordinary people and entrepreneurs alike. From the way we do business to the way we communicate, as well as the way in which we market and advertise. For entrepreneurs, this can open up a lot of doors which were not previously accessible for most. Traditional advertising using billboards and television ads, for example, was very expensive and often only viable for large companies with lots of capital. With the internet, however, the range of marketing options available are broad and adaptable to most budgets, meaning that even a nascent entrepreneur can get their foot in the door. Below we’ll look at some of the most effective online marketing strategies.


The cost of publishing a book has dropped dramatically, which makes eBooks such an attractive option for entrepreneurs. It’s a winner on two levels. Firstly, it allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your niche by writing a short but compelling book about it. Secondly, publishing an eBook for free automatically attracts readers and other followers looking to you for authority and value. It’s an expert marketing tool that allows you to target an audience that is directly interested in your product because they will seek out the information that you’re writing. And once you have your book written, you can even publish physical copies affordably through book printing companies like print24 and distribute them at trade shows and expos for added exposure.

Content Marketing

As the adage goes, content is king, and that remains true today. While content takes a number of different forms including blog posts, videos, photos, and podcasts, it’s one of the most versatile ways of attracting new customers. The key is to offer value to your audience, beyond simply the commercial interests of your business, such as topical advice or commentary on your particular industry. Think of it like ‘pull’ marketing rather than ‘push’ marketing. Like ebooks — which themselves are a form of content — providing valuable content gives visitors a reason to visit your site, which in turn will increase your traffic, Google rankings, and your level of authority within the industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best ways of connecting with and building relationships with customers. With over 2.3 billion people worldwide connected to some sort of social media, there’s a lot of opportunity for building an audience that resonates with your brand. This will also require valuable content — be it blog posts or videos — as it will be one of the factors that attract followers in the beginning. You stand to gain greater brand visibility, more traffic to your website as well as a decent reputation among your followers.

Originally published at The Daily MBA.