5 Amazing Productivity Hacks For Your Business

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We all want our business to be more productive and successful, and for that, you will need some hacks to help you do this. Here are five amazing productivity hacks for your business.


In any business, marketing is very important, and it always begins with advertising that is done by the customers who recommend your brand to people in their social circle. A good idea would be to send out a regular email newsletter so they will keep clients up to date with all your new products and specials. Twitter and Facebook are some of the ways to promote your business. Social media platforms play an important part when you run a business because they offer quick ways to share your company’s message with potential customers. Social media is going to stay for a long time so use it as much as you can. First, you need to know your target, then use the proper social media channels that will reach them.

Time Blocking

It is a time management method in which you block out parts of your day to complete certain tasks. Google Calendar is a great tool to implement this because you get to include things like lunch, breaks, checking social media and other tasks. Another great thing about time locking is that it encourages us to focus. Work tends to take all the time we plan to give it so having this trick will help you get more work in less time.


In this day and age where everything is just one click away, it is no wonder customers want everything before they can even think about it. If you cannot deliver quickly and efficiently, you will lose your customers to your competitors. Following the schedule becomes really important. Some companies still do things according to their old methods which is risky because in an era of high technology, you must evolve and grow accordingly or you will not be able to keep up with demands.

Record Everything

Even if your company has a few people, you need to keep accurate records of your clients, the market, and taxes. Without any records, you could end up bankrupt. The most important records to keep are the financial records, and later on, credit notes and delivery notes will be proof that the customer received your goods. Whatever record-keeping you implement, it needs to be in line with the business that you are running so that you can guarantee the customers their products at the right price and at the right time.


Outsourcing works no matter what business you run. You need to realize that when you work alone, at one point, you will get exhausted. You need to have someone with experience to help you with your venture. This will leave you more refreshed and innovative.

The tips are essential if you want to ensure that your business keeps on bringing more profit.

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Originally published at The Daily MBA.