5 Reasons Why Using A CDN Improves Website Performance

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Content Delivery Networks (CDN) can be used to speed up response times on websites. They decrease latency by having servers all over the world to host your content. Clearly, there are a number of advantages to using a CDN. If you are a website administrator, this is certainly an option you want to consider for your own website. There are several advantages to using a CDN listed below.

#1 Increase Site Speeds

Using a CDN helps you increase site speeds. Loading speeds are much quicker when you utilize a content delivery network. As mentioned above, this is possible because content delivery networks have global servers that host your content. That way when someone from another country far, far away wants to access your website, they experience the same loading speeds as another page visitor right in your backyard. This helps your users with their own business productivity hacks. Using a content delivery network will increase site loading speeds for website visitors from all over the world without the need for any additional business software. Ultimately, that is sure to help your website traffic overall. Clearly, this is a considerable benefit to experience with CDN solutions.

#2 Boosts Website Security

CDN technology can also help to improve website security. When you use a CDN, you add an additional layer of security to your existing cyber security measures. CDN providers make a plethora of cyber security tools and features available to CDN users. In addition, the CDN itself can act as an additional firewall for your website. That way, you do not have to worry too much about falling victim to a Distributed Denial of Service Attack, or DDoS. Cyber threats are ever present, and cyber criminals and hackers are continually devising new hacking strategies for cyber attacks. That is why the CDN security afforded to you by providers is a considerable advantage to capitalize on for your website security.

#3 More User Experience Uniformity

Using a CDN allows your website to provide a more uniform user experience, regardless of where your page visitors are located in the world. As a website administrator, providing the best user experience possible is your focus for blogging innovation. User-friendliness is always the utmost concern. You want to be able to provide the same user-friendliness to every single page visitor, regardless of where they come from. This is not possible without a CDN, at least not without spending a lot of money to build and maintain servers all over the world using cheap energy sources. Providing a uniform user experience that is pleasant and fast loading will certainly help improve search engine rankings and boost website performance. That is why using a CDN for your website is such an advantageous endeavor.

#4 Improved Uptime & Reliability

CDN providers help improve uptime for your website. Content delivery network providers often provide uptime guarantees to CDN users. The less your website is down, the better your website performance overall. You will never have to worry about losing page visitors due to downtime or other emergency services. Less downtime means more website reliability. The more reliable your website, the better your search engine rankings. Improving website reliability and uptime will also make users much more likely to revisit your website again. The uptime guarantees and reliability improvements offered by CDN solutions are certainly advantageous for website administrator’s purposes.

#5 Better Load Bearing

Using a content delivery network can also improve website performance during times of high page traffic. This is because content delivery networks have better load bearing capabilities. They have the computing resources necessary to handle much more website traffic than your own local server would be able to handle. Your website performance will excel, even when you have a whole bunch of people on your webpage at once. The more traffic your website can handle, the better your website will perform as a business model. Every site administrator wants to improve traffic handling for their webpage. Your website will be better able to handle more simultaneous visitors at once when you are using a CDN for your site content. Clearly, this a huge advantage for site performance overall.

If you are a site administrator, you understand the importance of website performance for page visitors. What you may not know is that using a CDN can provide huge advantages for your website performance. Consider the advantages of using a CDN, detailed above. These CDN benefits will make your website better in a multitude of ways. Try using a CDN service to experience these benefits for your website when the time is right. You will not regret your choice.

Originally published at The Daily MBA.

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