The Power of Customer Support Software to Build Brand Loyalty

Jarie Bolander
Aug 6, 2018 · 5 min read
Macintosh HD:Users:jarie:Downloads:johann-walter-bantz-198041-unsplash.jpg
Macintosh HD:Users:jarie:Downloads:johann-walter-bantz-198041-unsplash.jpg

Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

You may be familiar with Wix as a free website-building platform designed for users of all skill levels. Now, they have customer service software offering that looks pretty darn cool.

Wix Answers is designed especially for helping you offer high-quality customer support and service. This service is free and easy to use and once adopted, can help you build excellent customer service and, in turn, brand loyalty.

Managing the unpredictability of customers’ questions and requests can be challenging. The customer service call center is often “the last line of defense” and therefore can require strong people-management skills. Today’s customers are often also looking for instant gratification and “expect a seamless customer service experience.” With an easy-to-use, all-in-one customer support program, customer service representatives and their managers can use the technology, when it’s designed and used well, to help respond to customers with efficiency and value.

In many cases, the best strategy is to offer your customers answers to questions before they reach out to a representative. Customers embrace self-service when it’s simply because it’s more efficient and leaves them with a feeling of satisfaction. A good customer management program also provides feedback so managers can continually assess and adjust to upgrade their services. According to marketing experts, “The deeper your understanding of customers’ buying habits and lifestyle preferences, the more accurate your predictions of future buying behaviors will be.” All this data helps with the decision-making process around services and products, and it also helps to update content in the knowledge base as well as train staff to most effectively respond to customer questions.

Macintosh HD:Users:jarie:Desktop:Help-Center.png
Macintosh HD:Users:jarie:Desktop:Help-Center.png

Here’s where Wix Answers comes in. This free help desk software system incorporates a call center, a built-in knowledge base, multi-channel ticketing, and more, all with easy integration into other platforms and customization. Simply by clicking on a widget on any page on your site, customers can access help guides, frequently asked questions, tutorials, and a help desk. The do-it-yourself program also enables you to track data on ticketing support and customer interactions so you can adjust and make changes.

Macintosh HD:Users:jarie:Desktop:Call-Center.png
Macintosh HD:Users:jarie:Desktop:Call-Center.png

The call center software is the core of Wix Answers. Customers like solving problems for themselves, and if they can do so quickly and easily with the knowledge you provide, they’ll be happy and come back again. It can also boost their confidence, leading to even more positive associations with your brand. With Wix Answers, you can easily input the answers your customers may be looking for. After you upload and organize the content, Wix will help ensure the knowledge base is easily searchable and customers can quickly find the answers they need. A good knowledge base has the added value of providing easy-to-find information for your staff and helps boost Google search ratings.

Wix even provides suggestions for creating content for your knowledge base like interviewing or collaborating with other personnel to be sure you have the most updated information; keeping your voice “customer-friendly”; and providing definitions and explanations. Overall, a solid knowledge base database that is continually updated forms a solid core to your customer service management.

Inevitably, however, customers will have questions or issues that can’t be addressed through an article in the knowledge base, or perhaps they don’t want to take the time to look through the information. That’s where an effective telephone call system comes in. Wix Answers offers a built-in call system, which allows you to create your own 800 number. No additional downloading is needed — this cloud-based call system makes it easy for staff anywhere to receive calls, and it’s integrated with the ticketing system to easily manage customers. Calls are routed to the right place and customer service staff can answer, mute, and transfer calls and managers can see what’s happening — all in the same program.

The ticketing system is key to a smooth flow and ensuring every customer who reaches out gets a timely response. This creates an orderly system for the response, automatically prioritizing more urgent requests. Automated responses help decrease response time, reduce errors, and free up customer service reps to spend more time with more complicated customer issues. You can access the tickets from multiple channels, including email, phone, and social media. The program streamlines the process, so you can send articles from the knowledge base directly via the ticket.

You can also automate functions and responses so customers receive an immediate response. Additionally, customer information will be stored and tracked — giving you the information managers need to assess, adjust, and improve products and services. The end-to-end management system contained in the program also makes it easier for managers to assign tasks, track, and adjust to ensure the system is working the best it can. It allows for internal communications and even includes a side-by-side translation, so you don’t miss any potential customers. Finally, Wix Answers understands the importance of customization so customers don’t feel like they’re being sent to an outside vendor; ultimately, the goal here is to provide a seamless experience as possible.

With free, easy-to-use integrated platforms like Wix Answers, adding comprehensive customer service management doesn’t have to be out of reach for growing businesses. Tools and technology should help us do a better job, not bog us down with more complications. It’s also an important part of a company’s strategy to put the customer first.

Originally published at The Daily MBA.

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