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Financially savvy people think differently about money than most others. They have different beliefs, habits, and routines compared to most people.

Fortunately, these beliefs, habits, and routines can be learned.

It’s no rocket science.

Once you think differently about money, you’ll act differently with your money. Considering 69% of Americans…

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Your ability to pick delayed gratification over instant gratification is one of the most important skills for academic, professional, and personal success.

Instant gratification can be described as getting tempted by relatively shallow immediate rewards instead of pursuing more meaningful future rewards.

An example of instant gratification is sleeping in…

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If you consistently spend your monthly income without saving anything, you’ll eventually run into money problems.

If you fall for consumer culture and lifestyle inflation, you’ll run into money problems.

And if you don’t spend any time and effort learning high-income skills, you’ll run into money problems.

In other words…

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Self-help content can make you feel like you’re never doing everything right. But you don’t have to feel bad when you’re not doing everything that self-help says you should.

That’s what this article is about.

Most self-help writers don’t even do everything ‘right’ themselves. They don’t practice all the life-hacks…

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This article is already long enough, so I won’t bother you with a lengthy intro.

In this article, I’ve compiled some of the most valuable financial lessons I wish I learned earlier in life.

Each of these lessons helped me progress from being a broke gambling addict to being financially…

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It’s not just what you do from Monday to Friday that determines the results you’re getting in life. What you do during the weekends impacts your health, finances, happiness, and career as well.

Some people live their weekends such that it sets them back in many vital areas of their…

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If you’re solely dependent on a platform like Medium, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter to make money and reach your audience, one algorithm change can mean the end of your online business. It’s tricky stuff.

But if you own an email list, you can contact your audience any time regardless of…

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