A safe place.

An unseen arm pulls me out,

Of my slumber

Marking yet another failed attempt

To beget a proper sleep

"My mind ails me, my dear

For many a sleepless night, I lay

Nightmares fill the void of lost dreams.

A sense of great fear,

Like a leech, tugging at my

Fragile sanity

Sucking me dry."

I tell my wife,

Who now lay awake, beside me

Her immaculate face

Now bore a guise of concern.

Resting her palm ,

On my sweat borne chest

Her lips met mine,

Nursing me back to my acuity.

"Worry not , my husband

You are safe here,

In thine own home,

Away from the heat

Of the raging battle

Where mad men reign supreme.

Worry not , my husband

For i am here with you

To share thine pain,

To share thine burden,

As we had once promised

In holy matrimony.

Caressing her soft delicate hands

In mine

I confess to her, my deepest


" It is not for my life

That I fear, my love

But for that of our child.

The world is no longer

A safe place

For a child so innocent.

A cruel world plunged into chaos

by cruel men.

A pestilence eating away

At the very fabric of our society.

How can our child

Survive in this failed world?"

Placing a single finger

On my lips

She silences my rambling.

" Fear burns through my heart

As well

For have i not shared with thee

Thine sleepless nights.

Our fears, truly

Are justified.

T'is indeed a mad world

Ruled by mad men

And herein lies our duty

As guardians of our progeny

To prepare him to face

The perils of life and this world.

Do not let thine fear

Cloud thine sense of duty

For our child must

Remain strong

As he trudges through

The path of his choosing.

To teach him to become

A man of honour,

Sans odium

And none is more suited

To the task, than you

My dear husband

For you are an honourable man.

Like gold tempered by fire

A man of strength , you are

Tempered by thine suffering.

Impart these to our child

And let him walk

His destined path