from an aluminum chair bolted to the sidewalk

when the neon signs short out one letter at a time they speak a different language
blongs to the language of decay
im learning how to speak it
i can find it in the sunken eyes of the old
i can find it in the crumbling hotel stucco
i can find it in my broken glasses and sewn khakis
i can breathe it and it tastes like nicotine and marijuana and pollution
in the new toys sold at garage sales
through the cracked phone screens taking cracked self portraits
yesterday hits before anythings built
dust settles on the construction equipment\mixes with the concrete
fills our buildings\minds
this planet will make a beautiful landfill
and and we’ll make beautiful corpses

theres actually an opulant temple below me
three story mall buried beneath the city
just when i thought things couldnt get any lower
i think ill buy an apartment sixty-three feet below the surface
/at least a condiminium

grotesque girls posturing for their selfie stick
bathed in flashing neon light.
watched for about twenty minutes

am sick man am really coming down with it
could sit in this chair surrounded by people and die alone without a passing glance
second thought, maybe the kids could sit on my knee and take a couple
photographs of my decaying carcas
cities are not meant for death and steel is a denial of time
to bring kids in to this
is to pull their hair out
to lighten their skin and
raise their cheekbones
man this is really it soon ill be floatin,