How to hide your #Bitcoin paper wallet: Print out Nash’s Game Theory classic “Equilibrium Points in N-person Games” & place it near the end.

Cryptocurrencies are scary at first when you realize only you are responsible for their security. But banks’ safety is an illusion and fraud

People will soon find out that by handing over control of their “money” to their bank, they’re handing over their money. It’s a bank robbery

They call them “Think Tanks” because they mostly ponder how to best position The War Machine.

If instead of feathers, a bird’s wings were composed of clouds, then I’d probably use fishing nets to catch flying flowers.

I’m running so late today that I’m actually right on time. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be today.

Wouldn’t it be great if one billion Catholics converted to Christianity, and stopped following Dagon Ridiculous Fishhat?

By serving Hillary Clinton, Comey’s credibility’s been shot. But this’s one time where it’s an actual suicide, & not her pulling the trigger

The only cat I don’t like cuddling with is a copycat. There’s nothing snuggly about a clone.

I agree with steps 1 thru 5, but I disagree, because how do you get from each to the next? Listing isn’t the same as progressing a solution.

I’m not an investment advisor, I just play one in bars, but I’m buying Ethereum and soon Veritaseum. Makes sense & makes cents

Me and RGIII still haven’t found an NFL team to play for. Last season I tore my rotator cuff. I was sofa quarterbacking at the time.

Buying cryptocurrencies as prices rise gives me an understanding of low-IQ sneakerheads and their quest to own everything on the market.

Where today blurs into tomorrow, that’s where you’ll find me, sleeping.

#FlatEarth billboards are popping up all over. I’ll bet NASA employees are pissing themselves, going all Ryan Lochte in their #SpacePool.

Here’s how to solve the student loan debt crisis: Since we live on a #FlatEarth, let’s reclaim NASA’s stolen trillions and redistribute it.

My nickname is Rearview Mirror, because I’m always looking ahead — and I’m dyslexic. I’m a swimming style star. I am a #StyleStarFish.

The dollar is going down, cryptocurrencies are going up, and the oblivious will get obliterated. Get out while you can still get in.

Any woman who supports Sharia Law should have her genitals mutilated! Oh wait, that’s what she’s actually advocating for with her mindless protest.

One of Hillary Clinton’s scapegoats for her humiliating defeat was Twitter trolls, & as one such troll, I laughed & took her loss as my win.

I think NASA should try to partner with Ethereum, because Ethereum is going to the moon — a place NASA has never been.

Are you a person who accepts propaganda as fact? If you believe we went to the moon, you’re too asleep to talk. Let’s chat when you wake up.

You can ascend as high as you like, and what you’ll see is that we live on a #FlatEarth. Don’t swallow the fisheye lie hook, line, & sinker.

#BuyOneNameGetThreeSpellings: Sean, Shaun, and Shawn — and all three remind me of a guy whose name I cannot ever remember.