The Greeks should revolt against their bankster masters, who broke them to rape them. But make sure the Buffet of Slaughter includes Buffett.

Time has picked its political side a long time ago. They, of course, stand with The Establishment, pushing their agendas on the 99%ers.

When a brand takes a social stance, it has a choice. Does it seek money, or popularity: The Rothschilds versus The People.

If you are unique enough, you may reach the level of fame where you can’t safely exist without employing body doubles and doppelgangers.

What sort of #Genderfluid do you identify as: Small, medium, or large, and do you offer FREE refills?

If there were a global drinking game where everyone took a shot of vodka every time John McCain tried to instigate war, we’d all be drunk all the time

I just got rejected for a job at #TheCuddleFarm, where they grow intimacy. Apparently, they are only hiring McDonald’s kiosks.

Why is John McCain on Snapchat? Does he love sending nudes to teenage boys? Because he must be blackmailed to be such a warmonger. #PizzaGate

There are over 48 million bots on Twitter, and thus we can conclude that Barack Obama is followed by an additional 37.9 million zombies.

Imagine how frustrating it must be to be a shill professor teaching the trash NASA is selling, while we all wake up to life on a #FlatEarth

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