Growing scope in Retail Management

With the tremendous growth of economy, retail management has emerged as one of the fastest growing careers in India. The growth of the this industry can be highlighted by the involvement of the big players in telecommunications, oil, textile, auto and other industries to tap the booming market and add more scoops of profit into their pocket.

The enormous expansion in the retail sector during the past few years has thrown up a big demand for skilled professionals in the field. It is an industry looking for people at all levels, from the school pass out with basic skills, to the well qualified supply chain and retail management professionals.

One can take up a job depending on one’s interest and aptitude, since retail industry is an array of activities starting from marketing to branding. Availability of various job opportunities makes retail profession one of the most demanding careers of the era.

Some of the demanding job posts are:

· Retail Store Manager

· Retail Operation Manager

· Retail Buyers and Merchandiser

· Analyst

· Supply Chain Distributer

· Marketing Executive Warehouse

· Manager Brand Manager

· Customer Care Executives

· Image Promoter Merchandise Manager

· Department Manager

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