Mom’s love and an Apple Watch

Ever since I strapped on my Apple Watch, I’ve been secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly) hoping to see more friends and family get Apple Watches as well.

There are only a very few people who I can send heartbeat hugs and doodles to (features only Apple Watch users have access to), and I think the Apple Watch opens up intriguing new means of communication that are dependent on more widespread adoption.

So, I was pretty excited when I found out that my dad got my mom an Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day. I soon got more than I bargained for in the way of heartbeat hugs and doodles as my brother and sister excitedly tested out the new gadget, but that’s beside the point.

The experience that prompted me to write this post came as I was drawing a particularly intricate doodle to send to my mom. It was a sequence that depicted someone jumping and doing a flip as the messages came in one after the other. It was the same idea as making a figure move by quickly flipping through a sketch book.

Pretty proud of my work, I waited to see what my mom’s response would be.

It wasn’t what I expected, but in hindsight, it makes perfect sense. I got one of the distinctive taps on my wrist telling me I had a new message, and as I lifted my wrist to see what my mom had sent, a doodle of a heart came through followed by “XOXO.”

That was a moment of technology magic for me. I was sending goofy doodles while my mom was using this new medium to express what’s always at the front of her mind: her love for her kids.

This experience taught me something about my mom’s priorities, and also about what it looks like for technology to be beautiful. Brands live or die on their ability to enhance human connection, and because of the way the Apple Watch has done this for my relationships, I’m a customer for life.

Now I just need to get more people to go buy Apple Watches.