Young Entrepreneur, launches Skip nn’ Hole on Kickstarter and within 8 hours its funded! (Media Kit)

Jaron Lodge
6 min readJun 24, 2020


Like you, we love reading on Medium. I am currently a college student and young entrepreneur. The coronavirus has impacted many small businesses like mine, Stonne Products. We understand that it is a difficult time for all families and businesses. We decided to do things differently by posting our media kit here for you to copy and paste from. Hopefully, it provides some insight into our latest and most ambitious project yet. Thank you for your support by clicking through to learn more about Skip nn’ Hole, and we’d love to hear what you think. (Please send emails to

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Kickstarter Campaign:

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Sample Press Release

“Pools are in high demand this summer, as people are trying to beat the heat and stay COVID-19- free.” (Correa 1) “Everything― pools, spas are pretty much sold out,” said Shane Webb, of The Great Escape.

With families confined to their homes due to the coronavirus and with the purchase of more backyard pools increasing during the pandemic, the need for a great water game that the whole family can enjoy playing together is more prevalent than ever before.

Recently Jaron Lodge, a student studying business entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, created a new game called Skip nn’ Hole. A game that combines the two universally fun activities of skipping stones and cornhole. Within the first 8 hours of launching the campaign the Kickstarter was fully funded!

Jaron’s passion for skipping stones developed during the 9 years he spent in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts..

After getting awarded the Eagle Scout Rank, the highest rank. Jaron wanted to find a way to hold on to those outdoor experiences forever. This love for the outdoors fueled his pursuit in making skipping stones more available for anyone, anywhere, an activity he loved doing when he was younger on his scouting trips

Jaron, determined to create the perfect skipping stone traveling 2400 miles seeking to meet with Kurt Steiner, the guiness world record holder of 88 consecutive stone skips. Kurt helped Jaron to design the perfect skipping stone, which became known as “Stonne”.

Kurt Steiner on the left, Jaron Lodge on the right.

It took Jaron and his team 2 years of developing and testing to create the final perfect skipping Stonne and an additional year to create the final designs of the Skip nn’ Hole targets. On July 7th 2020, Skip nn’ Hole launched its kickstarter campaign and is now 230% funded!

Skip nn’ Hole Description

2 Targets — Targets come with 4X water weight bags to keep the targets from floating away. High quality weather proof material. The targets fold for extra portability. Your Skip nn’ Hole targets float.

8 Skipping Stonnes — Your Stonnes float for easy retrieval. Made from high quality, high density foam. Balanced for true spin, trajectory, and accuracy. Soft foam makes it safe to play with anyone, anywhere.

Travel Bag — Breathable mesh sides allow your set to dry while in the bag. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy for you to bring Skip nn’ Hole to all of your water destinations.

How to play Skip nn’ Hole

A typical game of Skip nn’ Hole consists of two teams of two, but can be played with 1–4 players. Blue team skips on the side with the blue water bags and vise versa. The score for each round is determined by the difference between team totals for the round. Play to 11 or 21 points.

Launch Details

Who Created Skip nn’ Hole?

Jaron Lodge is a senior studying business entrepreneurship at Arizona State University. Recently, Jaron pitched the newest version of Skip nn’ Hole and won 2nd place in the ASU Global Sport Institute Pitch Competition winning $5,000 and a trip to Adidas Headquarters. A couple weeks later he pitched the idea within the Edson Student Initiative competition and he won an additional $5,000. These opportunities gave Jaron the funding he needed to launch the Skip nn’ Hole Kickstarter campaign.

Ever since Jaron was young, he has always had the passion to create and accomplish challenging goals. At the age of 7 years old, Jaron received a college scholarship for selling more than $2,500 worth of popcorn door to door.

Jaron grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona where skipping stones is not the most convenient activity since it is rare to live near large bodies of water and even more rare to find the perfect skipping stones. Jaron wanted to solve this problem and realized that he could test his skipping stone prototypes in the convenient location of his parents backyard pool. This led to the creation of a perfect skipping stone and that could be skipped in any body of water.

Media Kit Goodies — photos, videos and GIFs

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Skip perfect Stonnes everytime and they float

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