3 Reason The Dallas Cowboys Are Not Dead!

So, I need to start of this post by being honest up front and letting you all know that I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and I always will be. That being said it has been a rough couple of years. Every Cleveland Browns fan just said “Really A Hard Couple Of Years Really?” I watched every snap of the Cowboys week one loss to the New York Giants and although I am a little bitter about the way they lost “Thank You Terrence Williams” I did see a few things that sparked a little fire in my gut about this team. A Superbowl is not going to happen this year. But, while everyone is ready to put a for in the Boyz here are 5 Reasons why I feel that we are at the start of a new era in Cowboys football.

Offensive Line Long Term.

Without a doubt the biggest take away from the week one loss is the Dallas Cowboys 100% have the best Offensive Line in the NFL. Yes, this is my option but statistics and pro bowl selections would show you that this is the case. And the anchor come to Center Travis Fredrick, who in the off season signed at 57 million dollar contract with the Cowboys. Making him the highest paid center in the NFL, and with perennial pro bowlers Zach Martin and Tyron Smith, and second year stand out La’el Collins. The Cowboys have long term deals across the offensive line which will make it a easier transition from all of the young skill position player that the Cowboys have acquired.

Very Young Defense

Now before you judge the fact that I put the Cowboys defense in this post. Which I agree looked more reliable than gas station sushi in the week one loss. This is a very young unit with quality talent across the board. Again, this is long term thinking, but if you look at the production of players like Demarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford, Randy Gregory “If Off Field Problems Improve” Anthony Hitchens and Justin Durant, the Cowboys front seven has a great chance to grow into something special. The verdict on newly signed defensive line man Cedric Thorton is still up in the air. Thorton is without a doubt an elite player and had an amazing few years in Philly, so it will be interesting to see how he really does fit into the platform of defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli’s scheme. But, all that being said the shining star on this young Cowboys defense, is second year stand out defensive back Byron Jones. Not since Darren Woodson left the Cowboys have they had a safety presence like the combination of Jones and fellow DB Barry Church. It will be excited to see this young defense come together this year and the new additions that will be added in the future.

Dak, Zek, Dez Could It Be The Next Big Three?

If you watched the week one loss against the Giants, it was plain to see that the new shining star of this team is Dak Prescott. Which I do hate to say is the end of the Tony Romo era. With a stand out pre-season Prescott had a huge upside, and after watching his NFL Season debut and the feed back from the people that interviewed him, I have never seen a young QB with such poise and confidence. And beside the mistake of Terence Williams not getting out of bounds with twelve seconds left on the clock, Dak leads a great final drive and sets up Pro Bowl kicker Dan Baily up for the game winning field goal “Which he usually makes” and the media would of had a very different conversation about the game. The Giants defense stacked the box to prevent a big game from #4 overall pick in this years NFL Draft Ohio State Running Back Ezekiel Elliot. Elliot still managed twenty carries for fifty two yards and one touchdown, show that the Cowboys are not afraid to give this young horse the ball, and will the best offensive line in the league blocking I expect a big year from the rookie running back and a huge future with the Cowboys. And of course you can not discount all world wide receiver Dez Bryant, who is arguably one of the top three wr in the NFL. Bryant is coming of a terrible 2016–2016 season that saw him go through injuries and the loss of Romo with no Prescott type player to step in. Expect a big fantasy year from Dez as he is 100% healthy and ready to have a big year. Time will tell how this combination will work out for the Cowboys, but with the OLine and #NewBigThree there is no doubt that the Dallas Cowboys stock is up and geared for the future.

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