3 Tips To Late 20’s Fat Kid’s Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Get

Listen, it’s not a bad thing it is what it is. I am 29 years old, and I have always been the type of guy to say “I’m bigger but I am still quick on my feet”. Now that I am a little it is not as funny as it used to be. So, I took it apon myself to as they say “Get My Shit Together”. And the first thing that I learned about trying to change my lifestyle is “This SUCKS”!!! When you have been living your life one way, and you just out of the blue realize that you are in a position in your life that you need to make some changes and you really don’t have a choice anymore. Here are a few tips from a fellow fat kid, not some personal trainer that would tell you what you should do and have not lived through it in 10 years.

Come To Reality

I feel like for me this was the hardest part of trying to start getting myself in better health. Understanding that you really need to make a change, I can not tell you how many times I told my self “Ok today is the day I am going to start eating better and loose weight”. And a day later, hell some time 3 hours later I would be face first in a double cheese burger feeling terrible about myself. So that being said, the key is understanding when that moment comes to you knowing that you really need to make a change in your life and going after it.

Go For A Easy Fix First

So many people try and jump straight into a diet and they go from eating pizza, bread, pasta, and as much starch as they can get their hands on. And those same people try and jump in to a 7 meal a day almonds and tuna, shake diet. Now, I am not saying that is a bad thing because it may work for some people. But I think that a lot of you are setting yourself up to fail by putting your body through to much stress right away. That being said, start small if you drink 5 Dr. Peppers a day cut back and have one or if you can switch to tea. That is just an example but self audit yourself and know what you do each day that is not good for your health and start there.

Work Out Smart, Not Like An MMA Fighter At The Start

Yes, I am in a position where my diet and lifestyle are really starting to work for me right now. I have had the experience in the past and have had personal friends that have been through the same situation. Take stopping smoking and the old cold turkey formula as an example. A huge percentage of people fail because they go for the cold turkey play, and it is very humorous to me that trainers try to put you into that mind set right away to just up and change your lifestyle. Now, don’t get me wrong I am sure there are people out there that have the right mindset but I am talking to the masses with this because 90% of people don’t have that mindset. So quick and to the point and to sum up this blog, start slow, I am not saying for months but your first couple weeks trying to change your habits don’t rush it. Start with cardio and not drinking pop, yes you need to get more serious as you go but just don’t rush you will get better results.

“You didn’t put the weight on in 2 months, don’t think you can get it off in 2 months, be patient”. J


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