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As an author still in her origin story, there’s a lot of things I’m learning as I’m working on my first major book. There is one thing that I wish I could have an easy answer to. One question that could guarantee my success and reader satisfaction.

What do you, dear reader, want to read?

Unfortunately, the job of most creatives — authors, musicians, artists, etc — is to know it before you do. To create something that the audience wants when they don’t even know they want it. I want to know what you want, because like a man…

Lately, there has been a question that I haven’t been able to ignore. Google can’t answer it. Goodreads has no solid response. I can admit I’m also a little scared to put it out on the internet.

What makes a feminist book?

Clearly, it has to be a story about women, is the loudest answer. It has to demand equal rights! chimes right behind it. It needs to be written by a woman, for women, others would argue. It sheds light on the darkness that has plagued half of humanity and has rarely been given the acknowledgement it deserves. …


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