The Truth About Fake Marketing Gurus and Their #1 Trick

The lie you’re being told

  • Low tier: This is 70% of the market who just wants to make some side income. Most of them won’t ever start a business, but gurus will surely take their money with $7/mo products.
  • Middle tier: This is 20% of the market who is in a transition phase between being a wantrepreneur and actually running a solid business. Most people here are struggling and not mentally ready for success.
  • Top tier: This is the 10% of the market who are genuinely ready to build a business. Usually they have gone through some ups and downs but have reached a place where they’re prepared to grow sales with the right mentorship.

The truth about building a business



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Jaron Lukas

Jaron Lukas


The best thing I ever did was learn how to meditate • Founder and backer of several startups — most recently