Sorry, but this makes no sense.
Petar Hrvoje

From your comment I’ll assume that we see things very differently. When I read… “The project was a simple lifestyle commercial, showing the range of activities in the lives of a young, active couple. This general market TV spot would feature African-Americans as the lead actors.” I made the assumption that the use of a Black lead actor was already approved by the client. Either way, I (a Black woman) don’t know what I would be shown doing as a daily activity that would turn off a White audience. The message I took away from the post is that the client was not displeased that the lead actor was Black and more that they were “too Black” by way of complexion and the music played, among other things. In the end, I’ll say that my culture has made it’s way into mainstream culture. (SN: my “general market”/normal/ White/middle class/well educated friends can recite more “Black” music lyrics than me.) I think that Americans are smart enough to determine if a product fits their lifestyle by understanding the product’s use and proposed usefulness in their lives. Rather than making a determination based around the lead actor’s race.