What is Node?

Node is an open-source Runtime environment created to develop server side Web apps. What makes Node different is it’s asynchronous capability. It’s modules are written in Javascript by developers like you and me(only on my good days).

What is a module?

Node Package Modules or NPM for short are simple programs or add-ons which can be added to our Node project quickly. This makes it easy for developers to share, reuse, and update code.

Where do modules go?

Node modules are stored within a package.json file. This file displays all of our dependencies(modules). One example of a module within Node is http, This allows a developer to utilitze a built-in API to handle http request.

Assuming you have downloaded Node if not check out:

To create a node project type the command below into terminal:

npm init

To install a dependency in package.json type the following command into terminal:

npm install <moduleName> --save

Great you have a simple Project created!

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