When the Left wants a war to prove a point, you know something has gone wrong.

Jarred Taylor
Jun 12, 2018 · 6 min read
Donald & Kim, Singapore, 11–12 June, 2018

I am hoping that there are at least a few people feeling somewhat dysphoric that Trump has achieved what no other US President has been able to do in over 60 years.

Trump? Yes, that Donald Trump who become President, nearly started a war with North Korea and now has achieved what looks like steps toward peace on the Korean peninsula.

For those that didn’t know, the Korean War (1950–1957) never actually ended. The conflict ended in an Armistice, an agreement made by the opposing sides to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.

Perhaps peace might still not prevail, but Trump has still achieved what no other US President has been able to do with North Korea since 27 July 1953 — sit down, talk, shake hands, sign a document with the intent of peaceful relations.

Kim Jong Un, the ‘supreme’ leader of North Korea has also been described in very colourful ways via social media— dictator, mass murderer, little rocket man etc. North Korea has been described as part of the “axis of evil” (The phrase axis of evil was first used by U.S. President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address on January 29, 2002). It was perhaps in reference to their apparent role in supporting terrorism, or at least supporting the terrorists that the USA has been at war with for nearly twenty years (the same “terrorists” that the USA original set-up and supported for the twenty years prior. It is amazing how bad a relationship can get when it all goes sour!).

On first appearances, Trump has been making, what were often deemed, very inappropriate, undiplomatic and dangerous tweets that at one point put the whole world on knife edge. I can tell you for a fact that many government and organisations have considered and planned for the scenario of war on the Korean peninsula. Serious people took the threat seriously — as well they should have.

So did the “Left” actually want war to break out on the Korean peninsula just to prove a point that Trump is as bad, evil, incompetent as they have been claiming? And if not, how do they reconcile that Trump has achieved what no other US President has been able to engineer for over 50 years?

Is Peace another dastardly trick? Should War be a “told you so” moment that provides the hecklers with an opportunity to gloat that they were right after all?

Here is another fact. Both World Wars, the Korean, and Vietnam wars were instigated by Democrat presidents. Only Afghanistan and Iraq were instigated by Republican presidents.

In reality, war on the Korean peninsula, especially a nuclear war was never really a good option for anyone.

So what have all the “anti” Trump sentiments via social media platforms achieved?

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

So if the “Left” didn’t want war on the Korean peninsula, then we could assume they are at least relieved that Peace has some prospect, and perhaps it needed someone like Trump to engineer a constructive dialogue with someone like Kim Jong-un.

But for what purpose?

Surely North Korea needs a Trump Hotel first!

Perhaps this meme most typifies the failings of the Left.

They were not watching. Did the Left contemplate fast food and hotel chains into North Korea? What was their alternate plan if it wasn’t war?

Poor Frank get’s hoodwinked again to be a banana.

While they’ve been so busy typing angry posts, making memes and editing together uncomplimentary videos, they have completely been bamboozled. Bamboozled is a technical term for hoodwinked:

via Google Search Engine

But perhaps it is not Trump who has been the masterful magician of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite behind the scenes. Perhaps the Left have been hoodwinking us. Getting us all so frothy at the mouth against Trump’s political ideology that we missed what was really going on. Surely the Left either wants Peace or War. And if they want Peace, does it matter who achieves it? Those that hang desperately to any ideology are dangerous, particularly if all they want is to prove a point and be the victor of “truth”.

A basic feature of the magician is to distract the audience while actually engineering what then appears as “magic”. A great magician distracts and subverts the audience to such an extent that the magic when revealed takes the audience completely by surprise. Even funnier is that fact that the audience are well aware they have been hoodwinked.

The role of North Korea as an “enemy” has been exhausted and run its full course of usefulness. North Korea is a capitalist’s wet dream gold mine. The North Korean elite are getting restless and want to play. It is no use being an elite if you can’t easily go and play in the world of luxury (due to the restrictions currently in place). The dictatorship won’t necessarily need to end in order for North Korea to be welcomed back into the global community, providing that everyone gets a slice of the economic bonanza that will result from “peace”. Clearly the hidden economic riches of North Korea are worth more than an expensive ground or nuclear war. An aggressive military backed force of regime change in North Korea is not the option that has been chosen.

How the impoverished and famine stricken people of North Korea will benefit and adapt to waves of western capitalism does not seem to have been considered much if at all.

So if we didn’t want a war with North Korea, what did we want? My guess is that we were all comfortable with the concept that an improved democratic North Korea would be best symbolised when the first KFC opens it’s doors to great fanfare, long queues and international press coverage. Yay.

Does the West plan to light up North Korea? Great idea!

The Left has failed because they have not offered a vision of what a peaceful Korean peninsula would look like. When is the Left going to hold peace talks with the (far) right and engage in a dialogue on how to move the world forward in harmony. Or perhaps they would prefer a world war just to prove a point that the right got it wrong. Nice work!

We should be deeply suspicious of all sides of politics and ideologies in the absence of a pragmatic vision of what world we are aiming to create, who will benefit from such a vision and what will be the impacts along the way of getting there.

…or are we all just stumbling along the path of the future with no idea where we are going?

North Korea has effectively been stuck in a dystopian time loop for nearly 60 years. Surely we had a better plan sitting in the draw to work with them on rolling out changes that would not repeat the perils and mistakes of our own disastrous western civilisation. Oh! We didn’t have a plan? I wonder why that is.

There is nothing to be gained from “I told you so”.

“I told you so!”, 2018

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