My Secret Productivity Enhancer

I’ve had a revelatory moment this week. It may seem simple, maybe even dumb, but it’s crucial.

In recent weeks I’ve spent a lot of time running around my company’s campus with my trusty laptop. I think we’ve all been there. Going directly from meeting to meeting, trying to work through some of the less absorbing conversations whenever possible, and getting whatever I can done whenever I can do it.

These days leave me drained. While this isn’t a post about how we should have less meetings (I’m sure I’ll get onto that topic in another dedicated post at some point), it is about how much work there is left to do after said meetings are over. The meetings that are held to delegate the work leave me left with few hours in the day to get these tasks accomplished.

Fast forward to 7pm on a weeknight at my house, laying in my comfy bed, sweatpants on, tv on, dog in lap. Cracking open my laptop, I click around to open some of the documents I need to review and add to. I open my Sketch file, take a scroll around, and then hit the browser to get started on my task list. Then it happens. I click around aimlessly from document to document. Let me just catch up on some personal email first. Shopping for some items quickly should get me inspired to work on this eCommerce project, right? Nope. Hours go by, 10:00 PM hits. Everyone is asleep but me, and I have almost nothing done. How?! I had such good intentions.

Then, just last week… something great happened. At the time it seemed inconsequential. Buried in a plastic tub of wires and batteries, I found my wireless mouse. I dusted it off and grabbed a flat book and a strange mousepad with an unknown man’s face on it. I laid in bed in my usual post-work post-dinner position. I kept my left hand on the keyboard and my right hand on the mouse, and clicked away. It was like I couldn’t stop clicking. So fast! So simple! I opened Sketch and began working immediately. It was invigorating, almost fun.

I. slayed.

It was a revelation for me a few hours later as I marked off some tickets as completed. Holy shit. All I needed this whole time was a mouse.

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