Product Designer to Product Manager and Back

  1. A Voice. People listen to you. You have a lot of decision making power in how things get executed.
  2. Strategy. You get to see the strategy fold out right in front of you, and be a key part of it.
  3. Story Telling! Your job is to move fast, make impact and show how you did it and how much in numbers
  1. The playbook. People don’t really listen to you. Often times I followed the larger strategy and playbook of products previously launched. I often times was asked to follow the competitor as closely as possible.
  2. The politics. I mostly liked the politics but it got really tough sometimes. There is a lot of people management, setting expectations, and stakeholder alignment in the role. You’re in between a lot of (possibly moody) players. All the time.
  1. Creating! I am beyond happy to be making things again. It’s just a good time.
  2. Leading. Design shapes the way the products are used and ultimately a good portion of the product’s success is dependent on design. It’s a really fun (at times noisy) area to have a voice in.
  3. Collaboration. I work with so many wonderful groups. By far my favorite is the product management group. They are my partners in crime and when we are in sync wonderful things happen in the product.
  4. Letting go. This one is a struggle but I am embracing it. I no longer lead and measure every product metric. I have a product management team and analytics team to compliment our design research and align our stakeholders. See this fantastic article featuring Molly Graham on ‘giving away your legos’ for tips on embracing this. I revisit this article a lot.




Philly/ Hawaii , UX and UI Designer, Landlady, Product Manager

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Julie Jarrett

Julie Jarrett

Philly/ Hawaii , UX and UI Designer, Landlady, Product Manager

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