Vision and the Counterparts of Our True Sight.

I feel somewhat limited when using vision to merely look 👀. Although Vision is what many of us rely on to understand, I think we need vision to work in tandem with our abilities to “feel to see”.

I lean towards the notion that seeing is the result of looking, an extension of looking if you will. One could say that by looking with 2 eyes we see with the 3rd eye 👁. And “feeling to see” is somewhat more of a deeper way to find clarity that would be sheathed to us otherwise.

Feeling to see is done by using more than just your simple sight into objective reality. It involves your subjective reality as well, in your being. The honesty about the nature of life u experience which seeps from the heart and carefully mixed with selective thoughts, to power up the subject within your observation.

It’s hard to see everything, we can’t naturally but its funny that it’s still all there; neatly and cleverly tucked within the hidden grooves of implicit reality. Grow an eye for it and more of it will spill into your perception.

And then sometimes I think seeing and using our every memory, experiences, and current knowledge to enhance and vivify what we are seeing causes us to finally understand, and if not that; overstand what we are looking at…

How does anyone feel to see this?