Darth Vader: What Makes Him a Bad Ass

Anybody not living under a rock knows that Darth Vader is one of cinemas most infamous villains. He was able to captivate audiences from the second he appeared in Star Wars episode 4: A New Hope. Surrounded by his evil henchmen, the Storm Troopers, we get this menacing villain dressed all in black, with an intimidating helmet masking his identity. We knew trouble was a brewing just in the first five minutes of the film! After that we are treated to 2 hours of the classic game of cat and mouse, the Rebel alliance being the mouse and Darth Vader being the cat. Vader shows no empathy on his conquest for galactic domination. Nothing will slow him down, not facing off and defeating his former master and best friend, or the discovery of his children. He is on a very complex life mission that is fueled by his grief and family ties. Darth Vader is only actually on screen for about 10 minutes in the film, making every second count(Whatculture.com). From this background we can dig down deep and figure out why he is the best of the best.

An article was written on Comicbook.com by Lucas Siegel July 2nd, 2015. In this article titled “Why Darth Vader Is the Best Villain Ever” he goes on to talk about just that, why Darth Vader is the best villain EVER.

“Darth Vader is the only villain who has anchored a trilogy of films each as the antagonist and as the protagonist.” (Siegel). Lucas then goes on to explain what makes up Darth Vader as a good villain. “His own primary rivals are his former master and his son. And it can be argued that even when he did horrific, terrible things as Darth Vader, it was just Anakin Skywalker following the Will of the Force. He’s a case study on destiny versus choice, on good versus evil (and the nature of each), on family ties and love and emotion and despair and mentorship” (Siegel).

To expand upon these quotes, we get to understand Vader’s foundations unto his path to the dark side. The original trilogy of films put Vader as the protagonist Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is a small boy who is found on the planet of Tatooine. Taken back to the Jedi Counsel, it is then discovered that he is the chosen one and will bring balance to the force. After this, he begins his training under Obi wan Kenobi, the person who would be the closest thing to a brother to Anakin. Fast forward some years and we get to Anakin and Padame having a secret relationship. After learning Padame is pregnant, he begins to fear for their safety. Long story short, Anakin turns to the dark side to protect his family. He ends up trying to run away with is pregnant wife, but ends up feeling betrayed when Obi Wan Kenobi snuck along with her. This results in Anakin becoming furious and killing his wife on accident from his rage. From this point he faces off with his leader and loses. Left with the emperor to clean up the scraps, he then fully obtains his alias, Darth Vader. Vader goes on a life long journey to exact revenge and go through his five stages of grief. Understanding his long and tragic backstory shows why Darth Vader is a cold and heartless villain. Only when his journey reaches its end in episode 6: Return of the Jedi do we see our antagonist open up and save his son. Over everyone else, family comes first, which makes him have deep motives as a villain.

As we can see through this compelling argument, we can clearly see why Darth Vader is the best villain in cinematic history. From coming from a tragic back story, to have interesting motives, Darth Vader is a complex and great villain.

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