How I got there

Initially I had never heard of anything like a bootcamp. I always assumed they were get rich quick scams or just a course with an impossible work load leaving you owing the company thousands of dollars with nothing more to show from it than a hard lesson learned. But after hearing about The Flatiron School from a WeWork employee I started to do my research and found out that bootcamps have become extremely popular, and are on the rise. After about a week or two of course work I had a technical interview and was given a new course to work on before I was admitted. It was hard at first, staying dedicated to the workload daily outside the confines of a learning environment. …


A proxy server is an application/server that serves as a conduit for clients that need resources from another server without directly communicating with the server it needs a response from. There are several different types of proxy servers used for different tasks, just to name a few :

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Typical client server relationship

Anonymous Proxy — Is a proxy server that does not make the original IP address of the client making the request available. This gives a veil of anonymity for its user.

Reverse Proxy — Are mostly used to make request on the internet through firewalls created by private networks. …

Some Differences(language)

First I think it’s important to note that Javascript and Ruby are two entirely different programming languages with different applications based on what we as programmers want to create. Javascript is a front-end programming language used to add a more dynamic features for the user on your webpage. Just like Ruby Javascript is an object based language. Just about everything in Javascript is an object. Ruby is a back-end language used to create the actual webpage and responsible for accessing any databases. …

The Top-Down approach

There a several approaches to achieve AI, even classifications on what particular kind of AI it is. Artificial intelligence can be broken down into several different types of systems such as : Analytical AI (Narrow AI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), & Super Intelligence just to name a few. With that being said there're several different approaches one may take to achieve a particular type of AI. Ideally a Super Intelligence AI system will comprise the characteristics of a AGI and Narrow AI. This would mean that a super intelligent AI system will contain cognitive, emotional, social intelligence and also be self-aware. …

It can be one of the most frustrating things to happen while you’re enrolled at any bootcamp. The pressure starts to kick in, and you start to doubt if you’re even capable of keeping up. Its okay we’ve all been there at some point. What matters at this point is that you do your best to understand the material. I’m going to go over some quick tips on my experience with Flatiron Schools Mod 1 code challenge. The language: Ruby, The goal : To Understand Has-Many-Through Relationships.

The Relationship

By now we’re familiar with objects having relationships with each other directly (‘one-to-one’, ‘one-to-many’). Then we get to a point where we need something to connect two particular objects. Say we have three classes: Mechanic, Car, and Car_Owner. Let’s break down the relationship between these models. Regardless of your own understanding of relationships logically always check your READ.ME …

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