Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

large parts of the US have become completely isolated, socially and economically.

If you were from these areas instead of just a visitor you would know that your conclusion is completely wrong!

The problem is that areas that were completely isolated socially and economically have been thrust into a global connected community that does not share the same outdated values and belief systems that their previous insulated existence perpetuated and that is the “great America” they want back.

This is particularly easy to see where I am from, the “Deep South”. The social media of the internet have inundated these areas with things they do not want to see and hear in a more personal way than television ever has before. Because what they saw on TV was “over there”, things like facebook have proven to them that “liberals” are everywhere, even their neighbors, family and friends are “closet liberals” because they see them “liking” things on facebook that they just did not discuss with people in real life because they knew it would be against what the popular beliefs were in the area.

This is the root of the problem, they want their bigotry, hate and selfishness to be the status quo again, and hopefully it never will be. The “elite” argument you make here is just “politically correct” name calling from these same people.

“Idiot” is the wrong word semantically, they are “willfully ignorant” which is much much worse.

When people that self-identify as evangelical christians and are apologists for Trump, the confirmation bias is conflicting with the cognitive dissidence at a unbearable level. You can see on their face when they argue that Trump is “gods choice” and that “god can work through anyone” as an argument for supporting the most non-jesus like person they could possibly pick and they know it, because he says the non-jesus things they are thinking.

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