On Deciding What To Write.

I decided to myself that I had to start somewhere so I threw myself into it.

I always wanted to be a writer I think. I can remember back to when I was 10 years old. My brothers and I were always into reading storybooks and I would write on fantasy. I remember a particular piece as I’m writing this now.

‘Fantastic Fantasy’ I called it. ☺

It’s exactly what you expect a child at age 10 to write about. But it’s funny that I can only see this now, and funnier still that a ‘Fantastic Fantasy’ is exactly what I envision for my life.

I am an Entrepreneur.

By this I mean that I see and feel things differently. I consume information in an obsessive way and I am not too sure about anything else like I am sure about my love for enterprise and problems + solutions.

I am that guy who reads the self help books, who will try to show you a Gary Vaynerchuk Video. I believe that when riches come, they will come quickly and in abundance.

Until then I’ll be grinding daily to reach my highest potential.

At this time I haven’t decided exactly on what topic I’ll be releasing content on Medium.

But I will be releasing content.. and I believe that is the first step.

For too long I have been into the business of planning without execution, it’s a terrible business to be in.

I’d suggest you get out too.

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