On Record Keeping

I write every single idea that comes to me. I mean it. As long as I got my iPhone in hand and an idea pops into my mind, I record it.

From thoughts on businesses and apps to thoughts on ways of life and society to thoughts on new sports and new methods of doing the same old things it's quite a thrilling ride.

As long as I can remember I have loved both reading and writing. Not in the context of school but in my own personal space, on my own personal topics I would read and I would write. And I would love it.

It is this love for literature that allowed a relative of mine to set me upon my path for ultimate achievement. He introduced me to Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, a book which has definitely changed my life forever. If you are reading anything I produce, I implore you to read this fantastic story of the nature of success.

I took many lessons from this book but the most important by no small margin is record keeping.

In recording my ideas I am free.

I sometimes sit and review what I have compiled, the wealth of knowledge that my writings contain is something startling, but I don't think that this makes me special. I think rather that it allows me to delve one level deeper into my ideas.

One level deeper is one step closer to starting.

Starting HARD WORK and seeing my ideas come to life is making all the difference.

I have thought up billion dollar ideas but as said correctly by @GaryVee ideas are shit. Execution is all that matters.

And boy am I executing!


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