Chris Attardo

Taking a plunge into the pool is one of the best and slightest requesting methodologies to chill the late spring high temperature, or basically like a staggering time with friends and family. Much as cleanliness and general upkeep matter, the building or foundation of a pool in a home, a recreational locale or get ready office is outstandingly basic.

Chris Attardo, a capable swimming pool designer and station star, can offer the robust establishment. Arranged in New England, he has made numerous pools in his district and all over Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont.

Having been in the business for 20 years and counting, Chris has earned the trust of customers with his expansive fulfilled in the various outlines of swimming pools. His top works join negative edge pools and PVC layer pools that typically go on a top. Freeform gunite swimming pools — which include a process that makes the pool structurally sound and even versatile the extent that setup — are among his best works.

Moreover, Chris Attardo has furthermore utilized various years building and presenting every elaborate and inventive swimming pool decks. His portfolio, point by point in his Google+ Page, discusses his ability in holding dividers using such trademark materials like limestone, bluestone and stone.

“From helping you layout your swimming pool to placing the last touches on the masterminding around . . . to finish the pool off, [i can do it for you],” said the introduction swimming pool foreman who never uses substandard materials or practices when serving all customers in New England.

As a heading expert with a two-decade experience, Chris Attardo acknowledges it is central to keep an eye on the various parts of creating a swimming pool. Despite the size or sort of swimming pool improvement or foundation work, he concentrates on almost dealing with the entire reach out to ensure heavenly comes about.

To find more about expert swimming pool foreman Christ Attardo, please visit for information or visit his Chris Attardo’s Tumblr page to contact him for your pool wander.

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