One trade.

I get a self nominated dunce cap award for $SRPT trade of the day. Closed out a trade last week but wasn’t fully filled and was left with 7 freaking shares. Was pondering what to do with those 7 shares this morning and decided to buy some.

At this point, the stock starts to get some strength and moving up in a very positive way. I put in an order as the stock moves up jumps higher. I reach a point of wanting to add a small position to add to my already miniscule position.

So, I send an order for 193 shares at 28.45. Do not really want to chase the stock higher but do want to round out to a small position. After a few seconds I ended up getting another partial fill for 99 shares at 28.45 at 9:49 am.

Now I own a still odd position of 107 shares due to my partial fills. Oh well, at least that is better than just 7 shares.

No sooner than I get filled the stock is jumping upwards. In less than 40 seconds from my purchase the stock is 3 dollars higher! Immediately I decide to call it quits with my good fortune and try to sell at 31.42.

I was perplexed over what was happening.

Numerous prints are going off at 31.41 and the bid is just getting hammered there. In a matter of not even 10 seconds I change my order to 31.41 and get filled at 9:50:44.

All of a sudden, the stock ceases trading nearly instantaneously after my order was filled.

Stock halted.

Hmmmmm. That’s interesting. The wire is quiet except for the trading halt.

I’m ambivalent and just hungry so I go upstairs to find some breakfast. Rummaging around the fridge and the kitchen I don’t find much but settle on a bowl of cereal. Get my food and proceed back to my desk. I make it back just a minute or so after the stock resumes trading.


I nearly choke on my cereal. It is honey bunches of oats, btw, so a full on choking is possible.

One minute the stock is at 31 and the next it is trading at 52, not even in the space of 5 minutes. Even on a measly 107 shares, that would be a gain of over $2,200!


The best high frequency trading machine couldn’t even trade a 100 shares on any stock for a gain of $1,000 in 5 minutes. If they can, might as well quit trading now as no one can compete against that.

The way my year has been I’m just fortunate I didn’t have a full order filled, the stock halted, and watch it drop 80% like some other land mines have done recently.

My head immediately is out of the game and I’m exhausted anyways. I call it a day and do not want to make any revenge trades on this odd happenstance.

Time to prepare for tomorrow.

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