[Fiction] Journal Entry 6

March 26th, 2016. Evening.

Wednesday. Just over a week now since my accident, if you could call it that. I got home from the hospital on Monday and Jackie and I’ve been settling back into our routine since. We’re fully moved in and have been busy the last two days. She’s been writing furiously to make an end of the month deadline, but our nights together on the porch have been nice. The weather is warming up a bit and the rhythm of the insects chirping through the night has really soothed me.

In the back of our minds though, we’re convinced there’s some kind of dangerous wildlife nearby. The counterman at the diner suggested it was a fisher when I went into town yesterday, a mean old weasel-esque creature that sometimes hunts chickens and smaller pets on the nearby farms. “Maybe one just thought your neck looked tasty layin’ out there.” He noted.

I guess his is probably our best guess, but the symmetry of the wounds struck me as sort of odd. Now that they’re scabbing over it’s looking more and more like they’re going to scar, which is a bitch since I hate turtlenecks.

Also, Jackie heard a weird noise Monday night, after I’d passed out on the couch downstairs. She mentioned she was pretty sure it was bats, like wings beating around the roof of the house. That revelation gave me pause, but I didn’t mention anything to her. I never recounted to her what I’d heard directly, and wasn’t sure if articulating my worry was the best thing for her with all the pressure on her from the editors.

The app team has been going strong, even with me out of commission, just today I was on the phone with a few of our bigger client managers going over our B2B portfolio. Monetizing the app has been tricky business, but the legal counsel itself has been generating enough revenue to keep our investors happy. Luke and Tom were thinking about pitching another round for some prominent exposure if we wanted to go public, but I want to make sure we can turn revenue for a fiscal year first, we’re still small so I don’t want us to expand too quickly and lose the good thing we’ve got going. I trust them though, I’ll let them handle all that if they want. I don’t particularly care for that bustle anymore, so long as I’ve got a steady enough paycheck to afford our quiet life.

I suppose things aren’t as quiet as they ought to be though, are they? All this wildlife nonsense really has been a surprise.

Wait, just thought about the trail cam. Maybe there’s something on it from the night I got hurt. It only records motion so it should still be in memory. Back soon.

Have the SD card that was in trail cam. Downloading onto computer now. I’ll take notes of anything interesting.


  • Isolated dates and times to fall between morning of 18th and midday of 19th
  • Trail cam points to back of house, caught a few birds wheeling around exhaust fan on roof, near midday. Recorded for 1:15.
  • Caught a fox running across field of view in back lawn near woods’ edge. Recorded for :09.
  • Squirrels, evening. Recorded for a few minutes.

Holy shit. There’s someone on camera, just after sundown. Rather tall, thin, walking hunched over. Comes from far distant right side of screen (from direction of base of Sundance Hill), approaches back of the house, waving something. The camera’s night vision isn’t detailed enough to make out what he’s doing, but it looks like he’s flagging down an airplane. Holy fuck my heart is leaping this is not normal. Disappears back the way he came. He was around for roughly six minutes. WTF??

Wait. WAIT. SOMETHING AROUND ROOF??? FLYING???? I can’t make out what it is. It’s large, winged. Flapping sounds???? Need to show Jackie. I don’t know what the fuck this thing is, not any bird I’ve ever seen. It’s like a pterodactyl or something I don’t know. Huge, oblong skull, narrow body. I’ve never seen anything like this. I KNEW I HEARD SOMETHING. WHO THE FUCK LIVES ON THE HILL? THIS FUCKING THING WAS HERE TEN MINUTES BEFORE MY ACCIDENT

Oh my god. It circled over the roof about the time I went outside. Was this what left the scars??

Need to call cops now. I’m buying a gun.