Blackmoon and Jarvis forge a strategic partnership to launch a new ETx

Jan 21, 2019 · 4 min read
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This partnership is the first step of a long-term collaboration and aims to create an ETx that tracks the performance of the most-traded coins on Jarvis exchange

Sofia, Bulgaria — January, 21st 2018. Blackmoon Financial Group, a blockchain Financial Service and Fintech firm, and Jarvis International Ltd. (Jarvis), an information technology and services company, today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to create a set of branded Exchange Traded Indexes (ETx).

Introducing Blackmoon’s Exchange Traded Indexes (ETx)

Blockchain technology may be a better alternative to raising capital from investors. However, price discovery and trading liquidity also require the inclusion of speculators. The ETx that Blackmoon issues on behalf of its partners’ brands incentivise traders and speculators to take the risk in the market, by offering them a fungible financial product to arbitrage for profit — further adding bids and offers to an STO that would otherwise not exist — effectively creating a balanced and stable price.

About Blackmoon

Blackmoon ( is a financial services company which is part of the Blackmoon Financial Group, a group of financial services and technology companies founded in 2014. The Blackmoon team has extensive experience in investment management, as well as developing automated investment interfaces and asset management tools.

About Jarvis

Jarvis ( delivers an interoperable and user-centric finance. Users can build a customized hub to manage their finances. Leveraging from open APIs and DLT, Jarvis technology transforms financial markets, services and products in plug-n-play extensions of users wallet. From their wallet, users manage fiat and digital assets, trade on a wide array of financial markets and products, and access thousands of partners Apps and DApps that greatly enhance Jarvis offering. The Jarvis Technology Framework includes a multi-currency Web3 wallet and a multi-assets hybrid decentralized exchange with a brokerage license. The framework connects to a network of centralized and decentralized liquidity pools and protocols that enable instant cross-chain and cross-asset class exchanges.

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