Our first week of User Experience Design Immersive have passed and we learned a lot. Learning the basic building blocks of user design made a great foundation for the rest of our education. We learned how to not ask leading questions to gain as much of an impartial answer as possible and continue the questions with ‘why’ to gain further insight. We also learned the importance of researching the users of our application.

So comes our first project of creating an application that has to let the user order a cup of coffee. We went to various coffee shops around downtown and researched people ordering coffee as well as the baristas making the coffee. We asked them about any pain points in their ordering/creating process, ways to make it easier, and what would they like in a coffee ordering app. We combined all of the information through empathy maps, affinity maps, user flows and user testing to make it as seamless and user-friendly as possible.

I found out that most people did not really care of an app (especially at smaller coffee shops) but found out that large orders would slow up the process for both sides of the register. I decided to create an app that notifies people in the office that someone is going to get coffee. It is also a large tv trope to see an intern/coworker bring in multiple coffees for the office.

It’s called “Caffirmation” and the way it works is people around the office would create a profile on this app and join a network in their office. Anyone can decided to grab a cup of joe and it’ll send out a notification out asking people if they would like one and then they can add their cup to the order. The original person ordering the coffee can decide how many cups of coffee they’re willing to pick up as well as place a timer so they can leave whenever it is most convenient for them. Whenever the timer runs out the order automatically sends to the coffee shop and a confirmation number is given. The user can pull up an order list to confirm the drinks at the coffee shop; it’s incredibly disappointing to not receive your right order even if you don’t express it outwardly.

This saves time ordering multiple custom coffees at the register, time waiting for completion as well as an easy way to pay for it. You can log into PayPal, Venmo, etc to send money to the person getting the coffee. I feel like this application would make the lives of everyone involved in the process a lot easier.

Thank you for reading!