Proto-journey: A Lean UX Customer Journey Map

I have been following a few social networking UX sites and found this article on there. The UX designer was working on a two-person team with another designer. A team initially did the research into this one particular user named Rick. Most of the team already working on this project weren’t in communication for one reason or another so the two-person team only had their initial notes to go on. The team decided to do a proto-journey, a way to map out a loose journey map, to make sure their assumptions on the data flowed with the assumptions from the initial research. This helped the team create a flow on how Rick used their product and would advocate his network to use their product. Once the other team members were free they used the proto-journey to show what they came up. This process would hopefully help the whole team further empathize with Rick. Proto-journey is a way to quickly visualize a customer journey without it being fully realized and help align the goals of the brand with the user’s needs.

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