Hi Jaryn, thanks for checking out my article.
Jonas Downey

Hi Jonas!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment. I’m very new with UX/UI so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Some thoughts that came into my head while I read your comments.

1. I can see how hovering over an icon or hiding information would be a negative, specially since Facebook needs as much information on their users as possible for targeted ads. I’m not sure how yet, but there has to be a better way to get users to want to share that information without crowding their profile.

2. Totally agree that ads within the profile feed would be a total downer, but like you said ads pay your paycheck. This change would definitely need A/B testing. I almost feel like you can’t win with ads in general on sites when it comes with design and user experience. If you know of any sites that you feel are really doing it right then please let me know.

3. Filtering the feed would be a gamble. Not sure if you could implement the algorithm into that idea.

4. Facebook made a simple design in 2013? What a time to be alive! Definitely will check out that article about it.

Mostly did the redesign as a creative exercise, but I ended up learning a lot about messy interfaces and why they work. Thanks again for the comment and your fantastic article. Great stuff all around. TTYL

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