You are not alone and it is not your fault.


Although, we made it through 2019 and that’s a blessing in itself, we’re still not done.


Which brings me to the topic of alignment.

Ann Kereselidze

Yuris Alhumaydy
  • Moving out and living on my own for the first time.
  • Addressing my abandonment issues by removing false relationships and toxic attachments.

Craving to see and understand; a poem for intimacy.

Becca Tapert

She returns bare, the conqueror of fear; the successor of wars; the victor of love.

Peter Gonzalez

But you know you need too…

Dmitry Schemelev

Relearning how to emotionally connect with myself and other’s; it’s a pain in the a$$.


The Background

When I achieved high scores, emotionally controlled myself, or played family therapist, I received praise and love.

Thing’s We’ve Agreed Not to Talk About

Jasmin Oliver

I write articles for self-development.

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