Balanced Dieting

Eating habits have become an issue. A third of the US population is obese and with media portraying a certain image as the perfect body, dieting has been a topic that people don’t fully understand. There are many different diets to have. However, it doesn’t change the fact that everyone is built differently and that important nutrients are needed for the body to function. People should eat what they want, whenever they want without a restriction on how to eat. What are ways to keep in shape while eating in a non-restricted fashion?

Everyone’s body is built differently. However, there are three descriptions of body types people can fall into; ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. With each body type being different from the next, people would need different diets to fit their body image. For example, someone with a ectomorph body type tend to process food faster and could more carbohydrates without gaining too much weight while someone with a endomorph body image would gain weight if too much carbohydrates are consumed. Main reason why some diets don’t work for everyone is because their body is different and doesn’t process the food the same way another would. Instead of following a diet, find a diet that fits a certain body types.

Foods can be broken down into three macronutrient categories; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. There are the three main groups foods can be labeled. A ratio of a standard diet would be 30–50% carbohydrates, 25–35% proteins and 25–35% fats. However, with people having different goals of where they want their body and different body types, the ratio of these groups would be different for everyone. Carbohydrates are the nutrients the body uses to power itself. The more carbohydrates one eats, the more energy they would have. Proteins are to help structure the body and act as a communicator for tissues. Generally, there is no need for more than a grams worth or protein per body weight. Fats are concentrated energy for the body to use when time comes to needing a boost in energy. Fats are unavoidable and protect the body’s organs. The human body needs all three essential groups to function at its best.

With macronutrients being important, the ratio of what you eat needs to be done right. Certain foods have more nutrients the other while some may fit the ratios better. There is a saying of too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. This goes hand and hand with what you eat. If the body has too much carbohydrates and the energy don’t get used up, it then late stores itself in body as fat. Not enough carbohydrates, the body wouldn’t have enough energy to function well. Too much protein can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol. Not having enough protein, means the body breaks down its high-dense proteins within the body. This can weaken immune system and changes cell structures. Too much fats can cause plaque in the arteries. There are high quality fats the body needs to protect different organs. For example; omega-3 and omega-6 fats are good for the body but too much of one of these fats can cause a pH different in the body giving toxicity in the stomach. Too little fats can cause vitamin deficiency, excessive appetites and mood problems. There needs to be a balance between everything and that can be followed through the right ratio of macronutrients in different diets.

A balance of macronutrients is important, however there is a need for vitamins and minerals for the body. There is a recommended daily intake of many different vitamins and minerals and a lot of them can be found in everyday meals. However, there are certain special vitamins or minerals that the body doesn’t get daily and could be supplemented through supplement pills. For example, the recommended intake of Potassium is 4700 mL but only 56 percent of adults meet the requirement. Not getting enough potassium can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue and constipation. There are different foods that can be labeled as a “superfood.” A superfood is a nutrient-full food that is beneficial to the body in many different ways. For example; avocados are considered a superfood due to the fact it consist of oleic acid, lutein, folate, vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and glutathione that help protect the body from heart disease, cancer, degenerative eye and brain diseases. It is important to get enough of each vitamin and mineral for each one if a vital ingredient in a healthy and properly functioning body.

With the misunderstand of dieting, people have tried a trend called crash-dieting, The idea of crash dieting is to restrict a person’s standard diet of 2200–2400 calories to a small diet of 800–1000 calories. It’s a quick solution for those who are trying to get the last minute “summer body.” However, with a diet that restricting is not healthy for the body. The sudden change in calorie intake can cause the body to go into redrawal and lead to eating disorders. Eating such a small diet, the body will not have enough vitamins and mineral to function properly and with that can lead to more serious issues. The body can stop functioning properly and different organs would not process everything that goes through the body. To get the required vitamins and mineral, it would need to be replaced by high quality supplements and those can be costly. After the body gets used to this crash-diet and there is a sudden change back to the standard 2200–2400 calorie intake, it would cause massive weight and fat gain. Since the body was used to processing under a 800–1000 calorie diet, it wouldn’t know what to do with all the extra calories but to store it as fat. Crash dieting is more harmful for the body then it does good. It’s more of a shortcut for people who are unwilling to put in the work to lose weight properly. A healthy weight loss program would be to lose 1–2 pounds a week at max.

Dieting can be done through many differents. There are vegetarians,vegans, paleo, and etc. The food people eat is reflected on how the body reacts. People’s misconception of diets cause obesity or Anorexia. Everyone’s body is different so everyone would need a different ratio of food consumed everyday. There is no need to restrict a diet to what one can and can’t eat. As long as the body is getting its proper nutrients and exercise is done 3–5 times a week, how the body looks should not be an issue. A healthy body is not what the media portray. Rather, a healthy body is a body that functions through everyday activity without pain or stress on the body. Would you rather have a good looking body for a short span of a life or a longer life span?

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