BloomBox Redesign: A UX Design Sprint Case Study

Jason James
Nov 6, 2017 · 9 min read


Mapping — Day One

If an interesting story is not backed up by data, it’s not that interesting. If the data is not captured in your interviews, it’s best to take a second look at that data.

It’s important to revisit your client’s goals and their user’s needs and problems often.

Sketching — Day Two and Three

By not taking the time to move through the design process step by step after thorough user research, you’re probably putting down some nice things you saw on some website, rather than innovative ideas applied to your client’s and their user’s specific context.

Sketchnoting: Getting ideas down pictorially helps creativity flow.
Crazy 8s — First Iteration
Crazy 8s — Second Iteration

Deciding — Day Three


Day Four — Prototyping

Iteration #1
Iteration #2
The Marvel App in action: A clickable, linkable prototype on a mobile device. You use the app to take a picture of your paper prototype and then select an area of the page to create a clickable link to another prototype screen you’ve created. Quick and insightful!

Day 5 Part One— User Testing

Day 5 Part Two — User Testing

Since we were working out of the fantastic tech coworking space in downtown Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, we hit the pavement and sought out a local coffee shop to find additional users to test our prototype.

Key Takeaways:

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