Contextual Inquiry

The person whom I interviewed is a junior, male student who currently lives on campus. He is in the school of management and an international student. He is also involved in the Bucknellian.


  • What food option on campus do you prefer between the Bison, Caf, and South Campus?
  • The Bison
  • Why?
  • The caf is really expensive if you don’t have unlimited swipes and south campus is even more far away from where I live than the Bison, and doesn’t have as many options.
  • How often do you use the Bison a week?
  • Somewhere between 4–5 times a week.
  • Why don’t you use the Bison more often?
  • I live far away from the Bison and it’s often crowded.
  • When you do go to the Bison, where do you normally get food?
  • Normally I get Firehouse Grill or the wrap station.
  • Do you have any complaints or problems with past experiences?
  • Mostly just crowd issues. The lines at the cash register, the wrap station and at the order station for fire house get really long when the Bison’s crowded.

The activity that my interviewee is completing is getting food at the Bison. We can break this activity down to a series of tasks. First he needs to get to the Bison from his housing in the mods, which may involve looking for parking. Then he needs to either fill out a piece of paper to get Firehouse Grill or talk to an employee at the wrap station to order his food. Both of these tasks could have a wait involved. Next he needs to go to the cashier and after possibly waiting on line again pay for his food. If he went to Firehouse Grill he could just hand the cashier the paper but if he went to the wrap station he needs to tell the cashier what his order is. After all of these things he can finally find a seat and eat his meal.

A few more HMW Questions:

  • How might we speed the ordering process?
  • How might we speed the checkout process?
  • How might we make it easier for students, who live far from the Bison, to get their food?
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