They could use a lot more outsider’s perspective to help them orient themselves, not just on foreign policy but on things like their ghastly exploitative healthcare system and their joke of an electoral system as well.
Why Everyone On Earth Should Be Loudly Opinionated About US Politics
Caitlin Johnstone

The healthcare side is one which irritates me greatly here in the UK. For obvious reasons, we get more exposure to US politics than anyone else’s — our Parliament channel carries CSPAN during gaps in schedules — which can lead us into seeing everything as a choice between the status quo and whatever they perceive of the US.

On healthcare, this is particularly counterproductive: there are dozens of very different systems in Western countries alone, but discussion always gets dragged down to a false dichotomy between the NHS and an exaggerated version of the US approach (invariably with Medicare, Medicaid and other aspects airbrushed out): we cannot possibly advocate any change at all, lest we end up going bankrupt if we break a leg!

I actually envy aspects of US (state) politics, too — for example, the ballot initiatives places like California have. (Probably not a popular concept in the UK right now, after the AV, Scottish independence and EU referendums, but the principle is sound.)

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