I have often wondered about the campus judicial systems, whether they actually support rape victims…
Robert Louis Pagnani

The idea of a “campus judicial system” getting involved is rather troubling in itself for me — here in the UK, universities don’t have their own toy “police”, any crime on campus is treated the same as if it happens in a car park or supermarket: you get the actual police investigating and prosecuting.

If there’s a viable case, of course the suspect will then be arrested; if bailed, rather than kept in custody, there would be a bail condition about staying away from the accuser: breach that, they go back to jail automatically.

The idea of a university automatically taking a side and punishing — regardless of evidence — appals me, though. No, they are not bound by the high standards of the proper criminal justice system (which is why punishment should not be their remit) — but anyone they punish certainly can sue them for doing so, as is currently happening in the “mattress girl” case. (They weren’t knee-jerk enough to expel the accused in the absence of any evidence, but just allowing her to harass him on campus for months may well cost them: they do actually have legal obligations to students, which don’t end the minute someone accuses them of a crime!)

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