Is Netflix Down Today?

Jun 13 · 5 min read

On the last Friday of May, my Netflix account encountered an unresolved issue. This paid account has been running smoothly since Netflix entered the Taiwan market in 2016, but it was not possible to log in on that Friday night. Moreover, once the login fails, it is like being blacklisted by Netflix, then just can’t open any Netflix page.

Looking back now, that Friday was the last working day of a very normal week, except for Netflix’s disability. I got home from work, picked up the Apple TV remote, and got ready to open Netflix for a relaxing night. However, somethings suddenly went wrong. First, I found that the Netflix account that has been logged in for a long time was actually logged out. Then I tried to log in with the account and password already stored on Apple TV + iPhone, but it just failed.

Netflix Site Error

Unexpectedly, Netflix actually went down.
Is Netflix down today?

“Is Netflix down today?” I thought about it involuntarily, after I failed to log in to Apple TV, and tried the App and all browsers on MacBook Air and iPhone but all failed. I can’t open any Netflix pages anymore. All I can get is an error message on the screen that says “Netflix Site Error”. There is no useful information or guidance available for troubleshooting.

Netflix Site Error

I quickly and calmly verified:

  1. The login password is correct: Netflix sends a notification email with the title “Someone is logged into your Netflix account” after I try to log in, and from the information provided by the device, location, time, etc. That person is definitely me.
  2. The network connection works well: When all the devices fail to log in through the WiFi at home, I immediately switch to the 4G network of the mobile phone and the public wireless network nearby. However, only the Netflix official website cannot be opened normally. Others websites and web services can be visited normally. I even went to Netflix’s official Facebook fan page and Twitter account to ask for help, but they just ignored it.
  3. The Netflix official website is actually online: after the login fails, try Clear Cookies and find that the Netflix official website can be opened normally again.

Finally, based on the above facts, it is concluded that the “Netflix Site Error” message actually describes “Netflix Account Error”.

However, I have no idea at all. Why is this account that pays on time every month suddenly unable to log in, or even blocked by Netflix.

At that time, I was completely unaware that this would be the most confusing customer service problem in history. On the night of Friday, after a quick clarification of the problem and found that it should be the problem of Netflix, I decided to wait for the next day to seek a solution. Even overly optimistic with the illusion of “maybe Netflix will be normal when I wake up.”

The result, of course, is not the case at all. Wake up on Saturday, the same problem continues. Moreover, due to Netflix’s stupid customer service design, my problem is completely incomprehensible.

The most stupid Netflix customer service in history

Netflix does not provide customer service email addresses. All customer service options (including online instant text chat and voice calls) are established after the member successfully logs in. Therefore, if the account fails to log in, it is a dead end.

After trying to go to Netflix’s official Facebook fan page, Twitter account to ask for help, but never get any response, I suddenly thought: If the problem is in my original account, maybe I can apply for a new account, then Log in with this new account and come to Netflix Customer Service to find out what happened to my original account.

It looks a bit stupid, but if you want to deal with the most stupid customer service system in history, you really can only do this to find an opportunity to solve the problem.

Is your password correct? Is the network normal? Have you tried rebooting?

I managed to log in successfully with the newly created Netflix account, and also chatted with the Netflix customer service specialist through online instant text chat, and then entered the verification information to successfully verify the identity. However, the customer service specialist always seems to think that “you must have done nothing right, or did something wrong, so that you have to come to the customer service for help now.” Repeatedly asked a few more basic questions, and finally made a conclusion: “I send you a password reset email, reset the password should solve the problem.”

Then, the conversation with the first Netflix customer service specialist was disconnected after clicking on the password reset link he provided.

The problem is in the account! Stupid!

After the conversation with the first Netflix customer service specialist was suddenly disconnected and blocked again by the Netflix, I was pretty sure the problem occurred in the account itself.

I don’t know why, but it’s just that Netflix has blocked my paid account.

After Clear Cookies, I successfully logged in with my new account and was able to talk to a second Netflix customer service specialist again. So, I repeated the process of the whole problem. The Netflix customer service specialist also re-inquired from the most basic problems and problems like the previous Netflix customer service specialist.

After more than two hours, I sent the screenshot of the problem and the inference evidence of the account error to the email address that Netflix customer service had made. Finally, Netflix customer service specialist confirmed that Netflix technical engineering team would handle the account problem, and provided a positive answer saying: Please try again after 8 hours, then you should be able to solve the problem.

In the process of trying to solve the problem myself, I came to the conclusion that the problem should be in the account. I don’t understand why Netflix’s customer service specialists always presume that Netflix can’t make a mistake, ignore the strong evidence from consumer, and insist on unhelpful cross-examination.

But you have no choice.

Perhaps this is the punishment that must be accepted as a consumer who chooses Netflix.

After 8 hours

To be precise, it was another Sunday morning, my original Netflix paid account finally returned to normal.

The first thing I did after successfully logging into Netflix was to cancel this Netflix paid account immediately.

My experience in using the Internet has been around for 22 years since 1997. I have used many of the services available on the Internet during these 22 years, including free and paid. I never thought I would say this, but whether it’s free or paid, Netflix is definitely the worst service I’ve ever used in the past 22 years.

Follow-up notes

This article mentioned: I went to Netflix’s official Facebook fan page, Twitter account to ask for help, but they did not reply to any message at all. This statement is not exactly accurate. It should be said that Netflix’s official Facebook fan page and Twitter account did not respond on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and other non-working days. Instead, they responded on Monday’s working day. They did provide “ Please contact Netflix Website Customer Service.” Even the problem is that you exactly can’t reach the website customer service.

Who told you to watch Netflix on weekend break and go to SNS for help? Probably means this.

You can also find the original article here: Netflix 今天掛掉了嗎?


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