A new breed of ‘entrepreneurs’ is being born before our eyes. And the quotes are intentional. They might be guiding your money on a journey to a black hole of failures, where nothing useful comes out of it. Angel investors, VCs, accelerators, governments (you name it): I'm talking to you. This is serious.

Recently, I was invited by the guys at Bunny Inc. to a closed event with like-minded entrepreneurs, where we met Erik Torenberg, from Product Hunt, and shared our ideas and opinions regarding "entrepreneurship and execution", or so the event description said.

There were 20 of us, sitting…

I wanted to keep this short and simple. But I just couldn’t resist telling you both my story and my vision of the future. This is the first paragraph you’re reading but the last one I typed. That’s how my mind works. So first things first:

TL;DR Scroll down to the last subtitle for the short version, or the last 3 subtitles for a normal version. Read it all if you have more free time.

The basics

Chats are cool, but chats are shit. Texting has become an ubiquitous paradigm in a person’s everyday life. Compared to phone calls, somebody from the…

Javier Lozano

Geek. Computer Scientist & Entrepreneur. «Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs»

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