Training Perceptrons to Do Boolean Logic

I recently had a chance to look into TensorFlow, Google’s “open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs,” specifically looking to implement artificial neural networks (ANNs). Most of the introductory tutorials on ANNs with TensorFlow involve building and training networks to classify handwritten digits. In order to better learn the building blocks of TensorFlow—and to refresh my memory of both Python and neural networks—I wanted to start much much smaller, beginning with the simplest possible ANNs and working my way up.

I’ll describe building and training perceptrons to perform boolean operations using TensorFlow’s Python API. In order…

Jascha: Universe…

The Universe: Jascha…

Flirtatious laughter

Jascha: Why does my hair look the way it does?

The Universe: There was a point when my mass and density would have appeared to be infinite…

Jascha: Start later… address its current shape.

The Universe: You mean my current shape or your hair’s?

Jascha’s Hair interrupts

Jascha’s Hair: You grew me long and curly with a full black beard. You were experiencing profound heartbreak for the first time, and your identity was split into turbulent little puffs of black gravel in your ears.

Jascha’s Ears: You wanted to mark the peak of…

Summary of a central Neoplatonic principle

The German eminatismus was coined by philosopher Emil Lask and popularized by his peer Max Weber in arguments against Hegelian idealism:

With respect to the phenomena of historical development of culture, [an] approach would obviously be possible: to attempt, basing oneself on the Hegelian theory of concepts, to surmount the “hiatus irrationalis” between concept and reality by forming “general” concepts — metaphysical realities in which individual things and events are comprehended and can be deduced as instances of realization [of these concepts]. The adoption of this “emanationist” view of the nature and validity of the “ultimate” concepts makes it…

Note: This project was built in 2013, so some of the tools and technologies have changed.

In certain circumstances, static website generators offer clear advantages over dynamic CMSs and blogging platforms. This is often the case for the personal sites of individual developers for whom it is more user-friendly (and efficient, and maintainable, etc.) to manage content in text files rather than nice-looking web forms.

I’ll describe my own minimal static site generator and development environment built using Node.js (inspired by Jeff Escalante’s Roots), specifically for the management of my personal site,

This article will refer to the code…

Using Python MIDI Remote Scripts

While designing my live audio setup for Psychedelic Friendship Bingo, I ran into a frustrating limitation. I wanted to launch clips in Ableton Live 9 using the button matrix on an APC40, and I wanted to automatically limit the matrix to playing one clip at a time. In other words, pressing a button on the matrix would send a ‘stop’ signal to all other clips in the matrix. This is not possible with Live and the APC out of the box.

Working with MIDI Remote Scripts

To achieve this, I had to dive into Live’s MIDI Remote Scripts: Python scripts installed with Live that…

Jascha Ephraim

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