I have forever written about interactions with a single or a small group of humans in a given time frame. Nothing lasts forever, merci Axel F. This is in fact about deep introspections you have during long solitary walks in the woods or simply after getting baked in a dingy dark room. To everyone their own way.

I am rash, sensitive and emotional. Like any scientific minded person would, I like to put out the description of the study sample. This helps the like minded, probably the lesser minded ones to a certain extent, to reach an accurate judgement of the problem at hand. Problem eh? We have Colorado on the line, just in case.

Oh i missed out on the better (are they really?) qualities of mine : good natured, fun, crazy, shy (only ever so slightly). Now to address the elephant in the room : Women. Every psychologist, philosopher & human relation expert should be put on the payroll (possibly of the Monarchy, who else has money to spend on a futile endeavor) to undertake definitive research on all things feminine. I can safely assume that none of them would come up with a half decent result.

Even the women, assessing themselves, shall look back at a distant point of time and ponder why they undertook a particular course of action. Women are wonderful creatures, no doubt, but they are deviously complicated. Many a mathematician have turned gay just to focus on their line of work and the complications it presented. Most of the facts presented in the article are obviously made up, but may represent truth if a survey was to be conducted (among the already dead mathematicians because the ones alive are too scared of their wives). See, I said I was crazy.

I have decided to embark on a women-curfew for 24 hours. This implies I will completely ignore all woman kind in all forms for a period of a day. No messages, no calls, no greetings to the old ladies on the train and most importantly no alcohol in bars with woman bartenders (does that mean i must visit gay bars?). I just want to judge the condition of my mind at the end of the study period. The jamboree of women usually messes up with my mind so massively that i resort to intoxication. Yes, that is my excuse.

Many say if you cannot beat them join them. So, in this case, if you cannot comprehend them make yourself uncomprehend-able? That would imply — i should give answers that usually mean something entirely different or in a world of binary functions use the number 2 for every action. I am actually proud of my binary function analogy. The perfect one line definition of behavior of the woman kind.

I am not feminist. I stand for the fact that all mankind is equal. I in fact adore having interactions with intellectual and independent human beings, irrespective of gender. However, there always comes a point when certain behavior of women cannot be interrelated to any logical theory. People may point out that men, a lot of them surprisingly, are indeed similar in behavior. However, it is easier for other men and in some cases experienced women to decipher the behavior of these said men.

Women are like the movie Inception, most people have a different ending in mind. I perhaps think that scientists may finally figure out everything they want to about the black hole, yet the women shall remain a mystery. Everyone loves a mystery.

Right from my earliest recollection of music, Beatles, most songs written are about women. One reason these songs are successful are because people relate to these situations mentioned in the songs. Happy, sad , bewildering songs all touch a nerve for a particular section of the end user.

I would love to pick Ayn Rand’s brain on women. I admire her work the most. But most of what she wrote is obsolete with the present day generation of women, sadly men too case in point Justin B. The only certainty is the uncertain behavior than comes with being in a relationship with women.

I hope to return to this space in 24 hours and write about how i wish to conclude this piece of total confusion. Here, i refer to the quality of my writing rather than the women.

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