Vegetarian foods you MUST try in Malaysia

Yes, Malaysia has amazing food and you should try all of the following…

Main Meals

  • Nasi Goreng Sayur (ask for no egg) — Fried rice with vegetables
  • Nasi Goreng Cina Sayur (ask for no egg) — Chinese style fried rice
  • Mee Goreng Sayur (ask for no egg) — Fried noodles with vegetables
  • Kuteow Goreng Sayur — Thick noodles*
  • Singapore Mee — Vermicelli/thin noodles
  • Roti Canai (pronounced ‘Chennai’) Vegetarian — Tossed pancake*. Always say “Garang” afterwards to tell them to make it fresh, as opposed to pre-made
  • Tosai — Dosa (can ask for various toppings e.g. Cheese, Double Cheese)
  • Roti Cheese — Cheese chappati*
  • Roti Cheese Bawang Chilli — Cheese chappati with onion and chilli
  • Cheese Naan — Oven-baked flatbread with cheese
  • Butter Naan — Oven-baked flatbread with butter
  • Roti Tisu — Sweet cone-shaped flatbread
  • Idli — Steamed rice cake
  • Nasi lamak sayur — Coconut rice with peanuts, cucumber and chilli (however, it’s hard to find a truly vegetarian version of this except in Sikh temples)
  • Chilli Potong — Chopped chilli in soy sauce, always nice to have with any meal on the side


  • Teh tarik* — Masala tea with condensed milk
  • Teh tarik tana gula — Masala tea less sugar
  • Teh ice — Iced tea
  • Milo Ais (pronounced Ice)* — Chocolate drink
  • Neslo Ais (pronounced Ice)* — Nescafe/coffee mixed with milo ice
  • Teh O Limau — Lemon tea, cool and refreshing
  • Nescafe Tarik — Coffee with condensed milk
  • Air (pronounced Eye) Kalapa — Coconut water, great for cooling down


  • Roti Milo* — Chocolate pancake
  • Roti Canai Kaya* — Tossed pancake with Coconut jam
  • Putu Mayam* — String hoppers
  • Appam* — Pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk
  • Kue putu — Green-colored steamed cake
  • Ais kacang or ABC — Mixed ice dessert
  • Durian — National Fruit!

Basic Dictionary

  • Vegetarian — Sayur — pronounced Sayour
  • Take-away/pack the food — Bunkus — pronounced Bung-kus
  • Spicy — Pedas — pronounced Peh-das
  • Local Food Restaurant — Mamak — pronounced Mama
  • Make it fresh, as opposed to pre-made — Garang — pronounced Gah-ring

* my favourites

I shall update this list when I find more delicacies.

Last Updated: 6th August 2015