Toowoo, an education & entertainment startup for families

Santora Nakama portfolio company Toowoo, officially launched last week (August 31st, 2017).

Led by Founder, Jase McDonald — a long time digital creative and awarded e-learning specialist, Toowoo is an education and entertainment startup for families, specialising in the development of quality educational apps for children aged 2–6 yrs.

Founded on the premise that all kids are born with a naturally inherent wonder and curiosity, and learning from the earliest of ages can provide massive benefits later in life, Toowoo is positioning itself as a provider of early educational media — for an increasingly accessible digital audience of youngsters.

Toowoo also aims to create content that whilst fun, engaging, educational and meaningful is also socially responsible. Content that celebrates differences in race, ethnicity, culture, age, abilities and gender, countering the cultural and social bias that still exists in much of the media diet of kids today.

Supporting Diversity:

Launching with two travel and discovery apps, ‘Explore Thailand’ and ‘Explore Paris’, both apps have been designed as fun, playful & educational games that take kids on an adventure to another country. By exposing kids to other cultures and languages, they begin to develop an acceptance and appreciation of others, encouraging their natural curiosity to notice differences, without discrimination or judgement.

Both apps are available now for iOS App Store and Google Play and are localised in more than 15 countries.

Explore Thailand:
Explore Paris:

You can learn more about Toowoo’s approach to Supporting Diversity here: