Quickpic.io makes it faster to source 1000s of images from the web

The idea for QuickPic came during the process of helping businesses get their products online for sale quickly. Most typical business whether retail (in B2C) or distributor (in B2B) will have a stock or inventory list. If they then desire to start selling those products online a question early in that pursuit will be: “What are we going to do about populating our product images?” Usually this entails a lot of labor for someone, manually looking up each product (on a supplier’s website for example), downloading the graphic, then uploading one-by-one to an eCommerce system.

How it works

  1. A inventory or stock list CSV is uploaded to the website
  2. QuickPic will go through each row of that CSV and look up the designated column on Google Images. For example, if your second and third columns in your CSV are “Brand” and “SKU”, you could tell QuickPic to look those up with {2} {3}. This would query Google for “Roland TB-303” or whatever is in those columns for that row of the CSV.
  3. You can run this in manual mode where you manually choose the best image from the first 10 results — row by row. Alternatively you can switch to “Turbo mode” where QuickPic will automatically pick the first image result from each query and display to you in batches of 10 rows at a time. (If one of the results doesn’t look right, you can always click that result to fine tune.)
  4. When you are done you will then be able to download your original CSV, but this time with links to product images included with each row.


  • What about copyrights?
    With QuickPic you still need to ensure you are respecting the rights of various image owners. This system merely provides a way to fast track the process of downloading images from supplier websites. For example, if you search for a certain part number on Google Images, often times it will be the supplier’s image of that product that will show up in the top results. If not it might be the same image from the supplier that someone has copied. If you instead see an image that someone has watermarked as their own, it’s up to you to avoid that image. QuickPic intentionally includes a manual process for this human intervention.
  • Can I download a zip of the photos I’ve selected?
    Yep — you can even resize and rename all the images according to a column (i.e. part number) that you’ve supplied in the CSV.
  • Why do I have to pay for this?
    We provide 10 free credits to try out the system. We have to pay a small amount per query to Google’s Custom Search API so therefore we simply pass that cost on to you by integrating the purchase of blocks of credit.

Get started by clicking here and uploading your products CSV