Confession Of The Guy Who Cut Down The Branch He Sat On —Without Regretting It!
Amal Rafeeq

  • Our educational system is fucked up. It was supposed to give us directions and fuel our self learning ability from experienced people.
  • We should all preserve our inner-child. Children are driven by curiosity. They explore, wonder, question and learn stuffs by doing so. They’re not bothered about failures. The more curious a child is, the more he learns.
  • But while growing up, somewhere down the lane — we get rid of that curiosity, inducing unwanted fears of failure, a world filled with what if’s and buts. That’s the problem with Indian society. We don’t encourage risk taking mentality. We fear mistakes.
  • Things are changing though. And I can say with absolute certainty that one day, the educational system will be fixed as well.

Until then — Learn. Share. And spread positivity around :-)

PS: And remember, it’s not fair to say you cut the branch you sat on. You just realised you climbed up the wrong tree and got down.

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